We were established in Bursa in 2007, with experienced and equipped staffs on the production of kitchen cabinet cover profiles since 1998. We have started to manufacture mdf skirting board with finished foil coating with superior adhesion force and strength by using 'purmelt' block glue by turning the cover profile production line into skirting production.

We have established a widespread dealer network in the short term, based on quality products and understanding service in the sector. We moved to our new factory in 2011 to meet incoming demands.

With 1800m² closed area, 300m² open area, we increased our production capacity and continued our customer satisfaction and quality products priority work at our new location. Without exception, we have renewed our machine park every year and we aim to continue in the same direction in the coming years.

Since 2015 we have shifted to two shifts and our annual production capacity has been over seven million meter tull.

In our Finish foil coated baseboards, we offer products and services in special colors and colors on certain sizes besides our standard services to our customers with 63 colors and 6 different models, PVC coated skirting boards are 4 different colors and 5 different models.

We, as Aksüper Skirting, will continue in a friendly manner ,to produce quality products with understanding service principle, by adding sectoral innovations and beauties .